Why do I take such care with your creations? Because they have a little of me in them. We live in the most visually educated world to date. People are being bombarded by imagery on a scale that has never been seen before. This king of market saturation requires us as visual creatives to fly above the pack, be the best. I have loved photography and film since I learned to walk. Earning a living creating art, for commercial use or just my wall at home, is the dream I have had since that childhood long ago. It is amazing that we live in a day and age where there is great imagery and stories just a click or tap away. It is our duty to make sure that we don’t add to the mediocre pool flowing beneath us, that we raise the bar everyday for commercial photography and film. If you feel the same, lets get together and make visual magic!

Managing digital assets during a photo shoot should not be hard, thats where I come in. In the digital age we live in there are so many things we have to think of. Is my camera talking to the computer? Are the files transferring? Are they organized so I can find and use them? Are they processed to the best quality they can be? Can I fix that in post? These and many more questions hang over our heads, often times adding undue stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a digital angel keeping track of this for you so you can create the most amazing shots? With myself as your highly skilled digital technician, your shoots will seem effortless. Whether you use Canon, Nikon, Phase One, Leaf, or Hasselblad, your images will shine. Consider me your “silent partner” in the image creation process.